How do you know what people are doing on your website? If you have not already installed analytic tools such as google analytics, you are missing out on a lot of information that can help you know if your digital marketing is working for you or if it is not.  So, the first thing all digital marketing people need to do is put website analytics tools on all their web pages.

How many people visit your website is one of the things analytics can tell you. Analytics can show you how often people visit, what pages people go to the most on your website and what page don’t get many views at all. When you have this knowledge, you can decide if you need to change links on your site, add more information and new pages or change the way you write things for your site.

Analytics will also tell you where people came from when they visited your site. Did visitors come from search engines, or facebook, or twitter? Maybe site visitors come from your emails or display advertising. If you don’t have website analytics set up, you will never know what are the best places for advertise and where your website visitors are coming from.

The other interesting thing that good website analytics tools can tell you is how people who come to your website convert to leads, submit your online marketing forms. ┬áSometimes, if you have a simple landing page, people who come to that landing page will see the lead forma and just fill it out and submit it. But it does not always happen that ways. A lot of the time people will come to the landing page, but not submit your lead form right away. Instead, they will click on links to other pages and read more about your service to see if you are the kind of company with want to work with. When the do this, you will want to know where they go and what kind of information they are looking for. Once you know this information, you can add it to your website’s landing page so that people will be more comfortable with who you are faster and maybe fill out the lead form more quickly.

The other thing you can do with the information about where people go on your site is change things to put lead forms where they go. By adding lead forms to key areas, you can increase your chances that people will convert and share their information with you.

Without analytics, you can’t do any of these things. So, the best thing you can do for your digital marketing is to put analytics on your web site right away.